EVES Music is an independent music label that focus on contemporary sound research in electronic music.

Dual - Moonwater EP - artwork

Moonwater is the outcome of various compositional experiences from early 2012, prior to the debut album "Musil Live”, where the result was a sound that was equally close to Industrial and Concrete music.
This path partly maintains the concept of soundscape, through the revisiting of field recordings, but unlike the industrial denotation of the previous record, the theme here is the environment, the place where we live, and the nature around us.

Sint - Calendula - Artwork- Eves Music

After the electro EP Dagdroomstem, released last year, Sint is back with this collection of tunes made with analogue gear and recorded on analogue cassette tape. The record span from relaxed sunny atmospheres to more upbeat acid tunes.
Gear used includes: Kawai Q80 Sequencer, MFB 522 drummachine, TR606 drummachine, Alpha Juno 1 synth, Spring reverb, Teisco analogue echo/chorus, Fostex 280 multitracker, Fostex R8 reel to reel, Casio HT3000 synth, Yamaha DX21 synth.

Vincent Steiner - Dust Corners EP artwork

Vincent Steiner is back! the tracks on this new EP are driven by old school Hip-Hop beats contaminated with different styles of music such as Middle Eastern melodies, italian popular music, jungle and much more. Every track takes inspiration by artists, movies and series that influenced Vincent in his life: Redd Foxx is inspired by the main character of the TV series Sanford & Son while Binario is a personal tribute to Claudio Villa, Vincent’s father's favorite italian singer, to whom this release is dedicated.

Sint - Dagdroomstem - EVES Music - Cover Ep

Dagdroomstem is a 2 track EP produced by Niek Brouwer aka Sint. His past releases under the labels Caoutchou, Recycled Plastics, and The Analogue Quadrant have demonstrated his great talent in writing simple analogue electronic tunes with catchy acid lines and lush dreamy melodies. This time, Niek takes on a different approach to produce these two electro tracks for EVES. These tunes have a deep and old school dark feel: electro basslines, 808 groovy rhythms and dark ethereal pads. More Sint music next year on EVES, stay tuned!

Da Wei - Matrix Pattern - Eves Music

A matrix is a musical grid, a pattern is a musical theme. By joining the two on many mathematical and geometrical levels, harmony and variations evolve. Most of these tracks started as polyrhythmic-polymelodic experiments which then developed into musical form. Stylistic influences can be traced to 90s electronic pioneers like Autechre, Aphex Twin and Orbital; most of the musical influence is, instead,derived from Bach and the use of fugues and canon from the Baroque era.

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About EVES

EVES Music is a not-for-profit independent music label that focus on contemporary sound research in electronic and electroacoustic music. Internet is already full of new netlabels with hundreds of releases.