EVES is an independent reality founded by Audiovisual Artist Cesare Bignotti in 2006, engaged in the production of contemporary electronic music and digital aesthetics.

The collective is committed to the diffusion of electronic culture, collaborating closely with independent artists and entities engaged in the development of new or alternative techniques for the creation and production of sounds and images.

In the same period EVES created contemporary art exhibitions paying attention to urban phenomena such as post-graffiti culture, post-vandalism and brandalism, in the media and contemporary art.

This relationship between digital culture and art may seem bizarre, however history teaches that most electronic art and contemporary culture was born in interdisciplinary artistic currents such Fluxus and DADA as giving shape to underground or mass culture and multimedia phenomena and constantly changing. EVES tries to disseminate this contents, and participates in the creation of extemporaneous contemporary art.