Domusnovas _ Live


CAT EVES035 — 2023

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Dual is a project of contemporary fieldrecoding music.
The live was recorded to 09 September 2019,
at the Domusnovas.

The live is sequel of the album Ca​.​Net_is, recorded and produced from 1 to 10 September 2019, at the artistic residence LXL, San Sperate – Sardinia, Italy.

Part of the tracklist is made up of unreleased tracks, performed exclusively live, alternating with some tracks present on the album Ca​.​Net_is:

The theme of the album is focused on the creation of rural techno music, composed through environmental sounds, acoustic effects recorded in real environments, rhythmic percussions of wood and metal, and the use of sound stone sculptures by the Sardinian artist, Pinuccio Sciola.

The main elements that distinguish the concept are: the contrast between the real and virtual environment, past and future, the union of electronic music with tribalism in search of an otherworldly experience; these concepts have merged with the initiatory path of the Rave Culture, where physical and material abandonment takes place through a collective trance, to live a new experience.

Dual is a group made up of Cesare Bignotti aka Useless Idea and Giorgio Barroccu, since 2012 carries on a series of performative projects of sound installations on specific and extemporaneous themes on the subject of change; reality is re-configured through sound recording and manipulation, creating a new soundscape, composed of real information but reinterpreted in an abstract and dystopian way, through music.

Each performance is documented and preserved through the publication of a record. 

Post-production and Additional Mix and Mastering by Cesare Bignotti at Acid Hologram Studio. Graphic Design by Cesare Bignotti | EVES © 2023.

Domusnovas Live is was recorded by Dual in 2019 ® Published by EVES Music © 2023— CAT EVES035.

Mastered by Giorgio Barroccu at Brucia Studio.
Executive Production, Tracklist Selection and Graphic Design by Cesare Bignotti, EVES © 2023.