The Ritual Sphinx

CAT EVES024 — 2021

BUY Wounds – The Ritual Sphinx

Written, performed, recorded and produced by Alessandro Bartolena in 2013, Wounds is the first work of The Ritual Sphinx project: a series of short improvisations captured through a digital recorder with a maximum limit of 2 stereo tracks. 

This limit allowed the artist to focus his attention on the instruments (electric guitar, analogue and digital synthesizer), creating a complex transformative flow “of sound and soul”. It is no coincidence that the three tracks recount the crossing of extreme limits (physical and mental), investigating what lies beyond the apparent balance of reality. The track Millepora – Phosphenic Fires tries to describe a process of metamorphosis resulting from a psychophysical lack, translating that emotional-sensory state into dense melodic structures wrapped in violent masses of aliasing noise, obtained by crossing the Nyquist, digital sampling threshold. We are therefore certain that this short Ep will fascinate at least as much as his subsequent work “Veins” published by EVES in 2019.

FOR BUY YOUR DIGITAL COPY : https://evesmusic.bandcamp.com/album/veins