Nato Angelo


CAT EVES033 — 2022

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One year after his debut album: “Circuiti Cardiaci” released on EVES in 2021, and a track on the compilation Concrete World Vol. I , pleaded by Opal Tapes, Alessandro Gramaccioni aka “AFM,” returns to the scene with “Nato Angelo” a collection of tracks composed between 2020 and 2022, an album capable of amalgamating genres rooted in the 90s tradition such as: Jungle, hints of Classic Modern with an IDM flavor, a mashup that as “Braindance”, combines listening and dance music.

The record is a snapshot of the current sound of electronic club music, what distinguishes the record is the absence of stylistic barriers, versatility and heterogeneity but also memory, in fact the tracklist involves many scenarios, such as the tracks “CRYSTALLIZE ME” and “ME + M6YRS” which recall the melodies of “Incunabula” by “Autechre,” or, the track “FANTASIOSE ANOMALIE” in which some melodies and bassline refer to Aphex Twin’s “Syro,” or the crystalline sound of “Nato Angelo” which gives the album its title, overlooks the contemporary and the abstract sound that refers directly to “Xen” by Arca, (an artist capable of redefining the sound of this end of the decade and of which the new generations are in some way children), experiences, quotations that highlight the wide sonic universe of this young artist, and the spontaneity and beauty of this record.

Produced and Recorded by Alessandro Gramaccioni, between 2020 and 2022. Studio. Executive Producer by Cesare Bignotti . Published by EVES Music © 2022 – CAT EVES033 . All tracks have been selected, edited and mixed by Cesare Bignotti, except for tracks: “FANTASIOSE ANOMALIE” and “ZSZSZZ”, mixed by Alessandro Gramaccioni. Mastered by Cesare Bignotti, at Acid Hologram Studio.

Like the past album “Circuiti Cardiaci”, also “Nato Angelo” was post-produced and completed by Cesare Bignotti, aka Useless Idea / EVES founder, who is its executive producer. Graphic Design by Cesare Bignotti . EVES © 2022.