CAT EVES031 — 2022

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Satis is a four-track EP that was composed around 10 years ago, in a home studio during the university period, when the artist Niek Brouwer was 21/22 years old.

The style of composition on this EP is different than Niek’s other releases. One can hear influences from Detroit techno -artists like James Stinson and Gerald Donald spring to mind- but not at the cost of the signature sound that Niek always has been adding to his tracks. The more electro sound at first can feel colder compared to the analogue warmth of the productions that Niek has signed with the name Sint. However, on close listen, Satis definitely retains substantial parts of this artist’s past, while also managing to add some unique elements to the music. The added ‘coldness/hollowness’ (paradoxically) directs the attention of the listener to the sincere emotions that the tracks contain.

The artist has supplied some background information on the time and setting in which he produced the tracks for this EP: “When I was composing this music, it was spring and mostly raining. The atmosphere and the sensations I felt at that time inspired me towards a really focused, thought out way of making music. While my other analogue music is mostly based on jams and live takes I felt the need to sign this work under a different alias. The tracks on this EP have been made on a laptop mostly, with the use of outboard effects and tape. I am happy that this EP is getting a release after being buried in my hard drive for so long.” 

Satis is written, produced and recorded by Niek Brouwer in the spring of 2012 ® Published by EVES Music © 2022 — CAT EVES031. Mastered by Leonardo Barbadoro.
Original Photo by Niek Brouwer.
Executive Production, Graphic Design and and Logotype by Cesare Bignotti, EVES / AntyAnty © 2022.