CAT EVES015 — 2014

BUY Sint – Dagdroomstem

Dagdroomstem is a 2 track EP produced by Niek Brouwer aka Sint. His past releases under the labels Caoutchou, Recycled Plastics, and The Analogue Quadrant have demonstrated his great talent in writing simple analogue electronic tunes with catchy acid lines and lush dreamy melodies. This time, Niek takes on a different approach to produce these two electro tracks for EVES. These tunes have a deep and old school dark feel: electro basslines, 808 groovy rhythms and dark ethereal pads. More Sint music next year on EVES, stay tuned! 

A very limited CD edition will be available and it will include a unique artwork different for each single copy, a selection of photos taken by Sint himself.

FOR BUY YOUR COPY : https://evesmusic.bandcamp.com/album/sint-dagdroomstemh