Exagonal is Nicola Locci, born in Cagliari (Italy) in 1976.
After playing the guitar in different bands during the early 90s he bought a little sequencer, the YAMAHA QY20 and started to experiment with electronic sounds.
In the late 90s Modular and Exagonal were born. Where the first was more an electro club-oriented project, the second was rich of fast beats, glitches, melodies and experimentation. Not satisfied from the digital softwares features at the time, he started to program his own softwares to make his own personal sounds. Recently he started to develop and build some electronic analogue hardwares too.

Disco Magnetico

Disco Magnetico Exagonal Cover Album

Disco Magnetico EP

Disco Magnetico EP Exagonal Cover Album

EVES Compilation Vol.01

Eves Compilation Vol.01 Cover Album