Volitune is a UK Artist who makes Electronic music. He blends genres such as Braindance, Acid, Techno and IDM, whilst crafting his own sound in the process.
Inspired by funk, his work often contains big melodies and wide ranges of emotion.
Over the past 6 years, Volitune has released on netlabels including Eves, The Centrifuge, Swishcotheque, Complex Sound Sagacity and Alphabet Set regularly playing shows around Europe.
For news updates and release links please visit www.volitune.com .


EVES Compilation Vol.02

Eves Compilation Acid Selection Cover Album

Nubi Over Anubi Remixed

Bellariva Gladiators - Nubi Over Anubi Remixed

EVES Compilation Vol.01

Eves Compilation Vol.01 Cover Album