Koolmorf Widesen

In 2002 Leonardo Barbadoro, at the time guitarist in several groups of post rock inspiration, took on the name of Koolmorf Widesen to begin composing his first pieces. Early in 2007 he released the first official self-titled cd for the Roman label (ECG). After that there were two years of hard work: many intense live performances around Europe (where he shared the stage with artists like Apparat, The Herbaliser, Dj Spooky, Fuck Buttons, Luke Vibert, Borgore, Legowelt, 808 State, The Bug, Tim Exile just to mention a few) and some serious meticulous music writing composition.These two things gave birth to the two drivers which exist in Melodies Fork Now, his last album released for Eves in february 2009. The cd, therefore rich in influences (from electroacoustic music to nervous and abrasive jungle), contaminations and in experimentations is acclaimed by the press and consacrated Koolmorf as one of the best electronic music producer in Italy.
Since "Melodies Fork Now" Leonardo has worked as a sound designer, co-artistic director on EVES records as well as mastering EVES releases, composer for an iPad app ("Find Them" from Murmex Labs), and has also joined an electroacoustic project to experiment with sewing machines, programming and digital processing, field recordings and surround.
Leonardo Barbadoro is now attending High Education College Cherubini in Florence to take a degree in composition and electronic music and working on 3 new records.


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Melodies Fork Now

Melodies Fork Now Koolmorf Widesen Cover Album

EVES Compilation Vol.01

Eves Compilation Vol.01 Cover Album

Melodies Fork Now - Promo

Melodies Fork Now - Promo - Koolmorf Widesen Cover Album

EVES Compilation Vol.02

Eves Compilation Acid Selection Cover Album