Nubi Over Anubi Remixed


After the release of the EP 50136, Bellariva Gladiators involved a group of producers to remix their track "Nubi Over Anubi". All these remixes are collected in this 7 track release for EVES. The album starts with the bass-heavy/trap remix from the belgian producer Ninjato, then we go on with the dark and dream-like version by Dual. The third remix of Nubi Over Anubi is by Volitune, which mix funk and psychedelic acid. Useless Idea's rendition breaks the original tune in a particularly abstract way, while Desanimaux turns it into a dance floor filler, and finally Vincent Steiner ends this record with his hypnotic revamp of the track.

Release date 30 May 2014.
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Bellariva Gladiators - Nubi Over Anubi Remixed

01 - Bellariva Gladiators (Original Mix Version)
02 - Ninjato (Remix)
03 - Dual (Remix)
04 - Volitune (Remix)
05 - Useless Idea (Remix)
06 - Desanimaux (Remix)
07 - Vincent Steiner (Remix)

Bouns track:
08 - Desanimaux - Nubi Over Anubi Ripple Remix


Published By EVES, May 2014.
All tracks composed and produced by Bellariva Gladiators and Various Artist..
Additional Mastering by Leonardo Barbadoro.
Design By Cesare Bignotti & Giorgio Barroccu / EVES Vision