Melodies Fork Now - Promo

Koolmorf Widesen

This promo was originally printed in one thousand CD-r by the Anoise Records.
Under their licence we decided to put online again in free download for you, don't miss it!

Melodies fork now promo is available here for free download (320kbps mp3 in a zip archive with cover artwork)

Melodies Fork Now - Promo - Koolmorf Widesen Cover Album


Licensed by Anoise Records

Printed in 1000 CD by Anoise Records, 2008.
Released in digital by EVES, 2012.
All tracks composed and produced by Koolmorf Widesen.
Koolmorf Widesen is Leonardo Barbadoro.
Additional Mastering by Leonardo Barbadoro and Emiliano Garofili at Koan Studio (Florence, Italy)
Graphic Design By Cesare Bignotti.