Melodies Fork Now

Koolmorf Widesen

After a promo cd n May 2008 Leonardo Barbadoro released his second full length album “Melodies Fork Now”, published in 2009 by EVES in CD and digital.
We can find two drivers on this record: on one side we can find the pulsations of nervous and abrasive jungle, breakcore, screeching dubstep bass synths, acid-electro lines and a preference for an analogue sound. On the other side we can find the most intellective soul of music research, some forays in the traditional and electroacoustic composition for strings and piano and some post-rock guitars. Not forgetting a rich series of music cinema quotations that the most astute listeners can find all through the album. This record, acclaimed worldwide by the music press, is therefore rich in influences, contaminations and in experimentations.

Melodies Fork Now is available in CD (directly from us or in many good record shops) and digital on bandcamp, iTunes and many other webstores)

Melodies Fork Now Koolmorf Widesen Cover Album

01. My Arms Bend Back
02. The Bind Beam Fuck
03. Zuoel If Pick
04. The Cowboy
05. Doppelgänger
06. Bob
07. A Liar Saw It Tony+ A Trial Swan I Toy
08. K21
09. Oh! Scorn Krunds!
10. 7 Rockets
11. Fakir Pool Moon
12. Candlestick

Published By EVES, April 2008
Composed and produced by Koolmorf Widesen
Additional Mastering by Leonardo Barbadoro & Emiliano Garofili at Koan Studio
Design By Cesare Bignotti.