Disco Magnetico


Disco Magnetico is the first album officially released by Exagonal. It's been more than 10 years since Nicola first started to program his own software to make music. This record is a really personal encounter between acid lines, synth melodies and glitchy rhythmic deconstructions.

Disco Magnetico is available in CDr inside a really special packaging.

Disco Magnetico Exagonal Cover Album

01 . Scissorman
02 . Giakart
03 . Funnel
04 . Batteria Quasi Scarica
05 . Strangers RMX 8Bit
06 . Crying Face
07 . The Lost Spaces
08 . Hyper Hole
09 . Eyjafjallajo Kul
10 . Sparus Aurata
11 . Nion E
12 . Zumhars

Published By EVES, November, 2010.
All tracks composed and produced by Nicola Locci.
Additional Mastering by Leonardo Barbadoro.
Design By Cesare Bignotti.